Wearable Blankets For Baby

Wearable blankets are in high demand because of its convenient & easy wrapping; it is very useful when you are going out with your baby.  It covers the baby from top to bottom & protects in winter season as well. There are many brands & style available in the market of wearable blankets so you have much option to choose. Let’s discuss about some wearable blankets & their features which can be in your shopping list. I suggest you to read about best double jogger stroller.

  • Hooded Baby Wrapper – This type of wrapper has Hood with ribbed border and strings for a snug fit along with Velcro strip for closure. It covers the whole head of the baby from all the side & looks very cute on your baby & it is comfortable too.


  • Fabric & care – maximum wrapper are made out of cotton fabric which is very comfortable & good for the baby’s body. For the proper care of it Use mild detergent only, do not soak or bleach. Avoid fabric conditioners and softeners. Hand Wash will be a good option rather than machine wash, Use a minimal amount of detergent as it increases felting and pilling over the period of time.


  • Double Fold Wrapper – you can use this kind of wrappers by both sides as it has prints on both side & also its design to wrap according to the convenient. This wrapper provides warmth, protection, comfort and security to the newborn. It requires gentle hand wash & no bleach.


  • Fancy cartoon shaped blanket – when see these kind of blanket for the first time , it will look like a fancy dress with various shapes like doll , toy , animal or any cartoon character. Because of the customized shape of the blanket but it has a zip which opens into the blanket, the blanket is placed within the outer structure. Usually this kind of blankets Made from polyester material ensures optimum comfort and warmth. It is available in vibrant and striking color that will grab the attention of your little one. Easy to fold. Occupies fewer places as it has string, it can be hung and can be carried outdoors. It can be washed and dried easily, it will Converts into blanket when opened.


Note – it is not necessary to buy only wearable blankets you can buy free style blanket also but the main factor you need to look upon is the fabric & comfort ability.